Chocolate Croissants

Episode 82: Brandan Fokken (Fokken Nuts)

September 18, 2020

Brandan Fokken is a man of integrity, vision, and values. He also eats more peanut butter than you.

Brandan joins Matt, Jordan, and Justin from his Fokken Nuts office for an inspiring chat on the power of generosity. Brandan knows who he is and what he desires to be, and it's these traits that define his brand of peanut butter. He shares how this informs how the company expresses itself and interacts with others in the world. We cover a lot more, and some of the topics are listed next...WITH BULLET POINTSSSS:

• Eating a jar of peanut butter a day

• His humble beginnings and peanut butter origin story

• The "first step" in launching Fokken Nuts

• Your brand is more than your logo

• Advice from a key mentor

• Joy in giving gifts

• Matt's suggested peanut butter flavor in development

• The value in over-delivering

• A Fokken offer for CC members in our Facebook Group


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