Chocolate Croissants

Episode 81: Neil Westfall (A Day To Remember)

September 4, 2020

Neil Westfall keeps moving. Although much of his ADTR plans were put on hold, including a North American tour with Slipknot, he has quickly built a thriving, music-based Twitch community (and the computer to support it), and is close to launching a restaurant with his wife, Mary.

Neil joins Matt, Jordan, and Justin from Orlando, Florida, in his beautifully lit and professionally shot studio. Get ready for the bullet points, baybeeee!!!

• The importance and evolution of ADTR's live production

• If the band is considering live concert streams

• How the band strategically invested in themselves early on

• Understanding the strengths of each member to make the whole stronger

• The importance of community building on Twitch and for bands

• Providing fans access and experiences he desired from his favorite musicians

• His passion for building computers

• Taking advantage of our time during the pandemic

• Meeting his wife on tour with blink-182

• The process of opening a new vegan-based restaurant with his wife

• Similarities between bands and restaurants


You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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