Chocolate Croissants

Episode 77: Chardelle Moore (Motivational Moore)

August 6, 2020

Chardelle Moore is a lightworker.

She infuses light and spirit into every person or creative project she encounters. She shares her gifts as an artist, motivational speaker, and founder of the multimedia and communications company, Motivational Moore.

Chardelle spent five years on air at FOX45 Baltimore, working in the same building that houses Ring of Honor Wrestling. In March 2019, Jordan was consulting a wrestler who was featured on the show Chardelle hosted and willed into existence, BMORE Lifestyle. Even though this podcast was on hiatus, Jordan knew Chardelle needed to be a guest.

Chardelle joins Jordan and Justin from her home in Washington D.C. for perhaps our most lively and uplifting episode yet. They explore human potential from different perspectives, including its shadow side of fear. This is a conversation about personal power, freedom, expression, creativity, connection and so much more.

Come ride Chardelle's wave with us. It's a testament to the miracle of simply being human.

Motivational Moore

"Self Love Is A Beautiful Journey" music video

Chardelle on YouTube

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