Chocolate Croissants

Episode 43 w. Wild Kombucha (Adam, Sergio, & Sid)

January 28, 2018

In a six-man showdown, we go face to face to face to face to face to face with Adam, Sergio, and Sid of Wild Kombucha.

The guys are only a few years into the highly competitive beverage game but have already landed deals with major players like Whole Foods. In EP43 they share the origin stories of both kombucha as a drink and Wild Kombucha as a business. They've hit roadblocks along the way and share how they've relied on communication, vision, and grit towards growth and success. In just a few years they went from promoting through Craigslist to hiring a team of employees.

This was our first time meeting the Wild gents, and we all left this conversation with more energy and inspiration. Their kombucha is the real deal...and they are too!

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