Chocolate Croissants

Episode 42 w. Chef Chad Gauss (The Food Market, La Food Marketa)

January 21, 2018

Chad Gauss (The Food Market & La Food Marketa) is not your typical chef. In fact, he prefers that his "employees" don't refer to him as such.

But he leads two of the most in demand restaraunts in Baltimore. In EP42, Chad shares his unique perspectives on management, productivity, food, and more. He grew up as a kid rooted in hip hop culture who started from the bottom of the restaraunt business and is now running it on his terms. Culture and community are cornerstones of his philosophy, and his love for others is as deep as his hustle.

This was our first episode recorded on location, in The Food Market's private dining area. You will hear the controlled chaos throughout this episode from behind the scenes of a packed restaraunt. Chad then opened his menu up to us...we need to start doing this for every episode.

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