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Episode 37 w. Brandon Bateman (Marine Veteran, Military Consultant) Re-Air

December 17, 2017

(This episode is a Re-Air of EP33 with a new and extended intro with Matt)

Recorded in Periphery's tour bus, Matt and Jake Bowen (Periphery, EP32) sit down with Brandon Bateman to chat his history in the military, most specifically his time in the field and how it's shaped his views on how men and authoritative jobs are viewed in society today. They discuss the measure and expectations of a "man" in the context of the military and in the civilian world and dig heavily into Brandon's work educating law enforcement officers, EMT's, veterans, and other victims of trauma on how to cope with stress. Evangelizing the term "Post Traumatic Growth", Brandon hopes to lead a movement from the ground level all the way up to the federal level in order to create support programs for local enforcement officers who currently have limited options after experiencing trauma. Brandon also discusses the "worst day of his life" and how its shaped his worldview today, and digs deep into the differences between anxiety vs. true fear.

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