Chocolate Croissants

Episode 74: Mike Johnston (

July 16, 2020

Mike Johnston revolutionized drum education. He leveraged technology and social media early, and became a world-renowned presence throughout the global drumming community.

And to think, he almost pivoted away from drum education altogether just prior to the pandemic.

Mike, perhaps to his surprise, shares this deeply personal story for the first time publicly with Matt and Jordan. He takes us through his thought process and what ultimately led him to becoming more energized than ever about serving his loyal drumming community.

Mike and Matt discuss their Common Thread Clinic tour with previous CC guest, JP Bouvet. They share its origins, highlights from the road, and what it meant to "pull the rip cord."

Jordan is curious about self awareness and acceptance as it relates to Mike's experience of himself as a drummer in the world.

It's a spirited and fun chat that left all three more energized and inspired by the end. Join in and take some of that good energy for yourself!

You can look at our faces while listening to this conversation!

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