Chocolate Croissants

Episode 84: A New Year

January 19, 2021

The pastry show rolls on!  *Recorded Dec 30, 2020*

We picked back up in 2020 as a direct result to quarantine in March.  This led to weekly chats throughout most of the year with some of our favorite people working in music, pro wrestling, food, science, and more. After a couple months away, we check in (without a plan) for our own New Year's celebration chat.

We start by deconstructing Unnecessary Conversations, @JordanBeatwell's absurdist weekly IG Live series. This leads to a broader conversation about the ways in which we are always trying to become more like ourselves. We explore earlier professional experiences in which we each felt like we had to dress a certain way, hide aspects of our personalities, or take someone else's advice, in our attempts to succeed.

We ask about Matt's drum-off video production with his Jeep Trackhawk, and why it was fully embraced by Periphery. He also shares about the v-neck and baseball cap look that took on a life of its own.

Justin has adapted to a new professional role this year as a licensed dietician and he shares about the ways in which he has been able to maintain his sense of identity with integrity, as he serves some of our most vulnerable community members.

We finish with 2020 reflections and the big lessons we learned throughout a difficult, unprecedented year that presented setbacks, opportunities, loss, achievements, heartbreaks, dreams fulfilled, and everything else that makes life what it is.

Until we do this again, we hope you have a meaningful 2021 and look forward to connecting with you in our private Facebook group!


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